Practical KnowledgeCase Studies

Practical KnowledgeCase Studies

It pays to consider the project experience of your potential security partner when making a decision regarding potential cooperation.

It is for this reason we make every effort to communicate impressions of our professional activities via genuine case studies, rather than simply presenting best practice and accepted standards. Whether you are a current client, colleague, applicant, or perhaps a security journalist seeking further information, please feel free to make contact with us at any time.
Sport Security Consulting
  • Risk Analysis and Security Concept for a German National Footballer

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Risk and Emergency Management
  • Crisis Management Following a Kidnapping Event and Targeted Investigation of Persons and Vehicles

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Further Information

Analysis & Strategy
  • Superficial Actionism Does Not Replace a Profound Risk Strategy

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Concepts & Solutions
  • No Grand Story Telling – Only Assurance of Security

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24/7 Emergency Response

In emergency cases we are available round the clock:

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