Faces & Competencies


Faces & Competencies


Oliver Graf

Owner and Managing Director of PROTEUS.one GmbH, is a passionate entrepreneur and visiting lecturer at various universities. Oliver is a man of conviction and a lateral thinker who tries to fight against workaholic impulses with the occasional sailing trip in maritime waters or rock climbing adventures with his son.

Oliver holds a Master of Arts in PPW from LMU - Munich, a German degree in Public Administration (department of criminal police) from the Federal University of Applied Sciences – Brühl, and a university certificate of Security Management in Football (SRH University Heidelberg, German Football Association, German Football League). Oliver was employed with the Federal Criminal Police Department (BKA) in the areas of defense against terror and personal protection (presidential security) for eight years before founding PROTEUS.one with the Institute for Conflict Research and Crisis Consulting (IFKK) in 2004. Today, Oliver Graf is a valued strategic risk and security consultant to numerous businesses, exposed families, public authorities as well as sporting associations and clubs.

Andreas Schubert

Responsible for the areas of Security Engineering, Information Security and Software-based Risk Management.

A qualified hardware and software developer who has his roots in electrical engineering. Continuously seeking optimization potential within the automated analysis and management of relevant risk from threats and auditing of corresponding security concepts are his modus operandi – all the while using meticulous scientific processes. As a certified Information Security Manager he is particularly concerned about the protection of sensitive customer data – not only since the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation.

In his limited leisure time he enjoys the contrasting sounds of his Super Moto and high-end hi-fi speakers when playing classical music.

Pantaleon Fassbender (PhD)

Head of Investigative Psychology and Forensic, Dr. Fassbender has extensive international experience in management diagnostics, psychological crisis management and the prevention and management of integrity risks - Dr. Fassbender is your contact person regarding all questions related to the human risk factor.

Dr. Fassbender holds a degree in Psychology, a PhD in Theology and is a visiting lecturer at the Leuphana University, Lüneburg, amongst others. Dr. Fassbender has also been actively consulting KPMG management in the areas of fraud management and restructuring practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Fassbender competence profile is centered on the interface of organizational development and crisis management, and is rounded off by his national and international mandates for both mid and large cap companies.

In order to ensure he can maintain the highest levels of intensity when consulting, without forfeiting the power of judgment, in his leisure time you will find Dr. Fassbender observing nature and wildlife, spending time at the library (currently reading up on the psychology of the Jesuit Order) or – all to rarely – deeply engaged in a game of Chess.

Falko Gensch

Falko Gensch is the Director of Personal Security at PROTEUS.one.

The university educated Security Manager (Steinbeis University, Berlin) has professional experience in the military as well as extensive practical experience with regards to civil executive-protection environments.
Companies, colleagues and customers always benefit from Falko’s constant and to some degree perfectionist attempts to bring theory and practice in line with each other.

Falko enjoys leisure activities with his family, a variety of sports and the fundamental analysis of international capital and commodity markets which provide the necessary outlets to create a harmonious work-life balance.

Anita Patschkowski

Anita Patschkowski is Communication Manager and contact person for all questions concerning office management. In addition, Anita provides valuable support when it comes to the public relations work of PROTEUS.one via the website and various other communication channels.

As a fully qualified publisher and specialist editor, Anita has been working successfully for more than 15 years with her head, heart and humor for leaders and their teams. Anita has worked inside renowned media companies and has a broad background in back office management.

When she is not in the office, Anita likes to juggle the German language as a volunteer translator or relax while swimming in Lake Starnberg – but even more preferably under the Italian sun.

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