Profit-Oriented Assessment of SecurityBusiness Enabling

Integrated security is about how people, policies, procedures, technology, architecture and corporate culture are aligned to enable the enterprise to do what would otherwise be too risky.
(George Campbell, former CSO Fidelity Investments, 2010)

Due to fierce competition and expansion pressure the focus lies on reorganization, restructuring and cost reduction. The fact that “security” can also generate profit is often overlooked.

Implementing Information Security Standards in accordance with ISO 27001, the establishment of supply chain security using certificates such as AEO as well as consulting security experts when making strategic expansion decisions significantly improves performance.

Potential Added Value

  • Business Intelligence as an Enabling Factor

    For business decision makers it is of fundamental importance to consider security-related knowledge and prognosis with regard to employees, competitors, transaction objects and political, societal, economic and social framework conditions. specifically addresses this need for “actionable information” at the C-level. We develop appropriate risk profiles, systematically assess and determine changes as well as continually reinterpreting results, guiding further action.

    We deliberately distinguish ourselves from classic information brokers. We don’t just act on information, we examine it – from a security perspective, risk-intelligence and, wherever possible, with the clear goal of enabling business.


  • ISO/IEC 27001 as a Signal of Trust for Stakeholders

    An accredited functioning Information Security Management System, which operates in accordance with international standards, is more than just an instrument for protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and information. It is a clear indication that the privacy interests of external stakeholders are taken seriously. It is not uncommon for potential cooperation to be subject to such quality conditions. We can provide valuable support from the assessment of your current processes and structures to the systematic preparation for internal and external audits including final certification.

  • Faster Customs Clearance with AEO/C-TPAT Certificates

    With the “Framework of Standard to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade” (SAFE), the World Customs Organization (WCO) has created a worldwide framework for modern effective risk management for customs authorities. Respective regulations have been implemented at a European level. For example, today the introduction of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) presents a fundamental element of the EU conception for the faster and more secure processing of goods through customs. The competitive advantages for certificate holders are evident. Meeting the AEO-criteria also means being recognized as an exporter to the USA and no further audit or certification is required in accordance with American regulations (C-TPAT).

  • Supply Chain Optimization Through LFSP

    In particular, the export-oriented business sector relies on efficient and intelligent logistics and traffic flow when transporting goods. Based on European law, your supply chain management can be optimized, if you are registered as “known consignor”, “approved operator” or “regulated agent” by the Federal Aviation Authority (LBA/ German FAA). In all relevant supply chain stages the extensive examination of consignments by third parties are dispensed with. The participation in comprehensive security training and examinations are mandatory for all parties involved in the process. We assist in making the necessary arrangements and offer ongoing support to ensure swift implementation.


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