Family Security (2020)Personal Security for an Entrepreneurial Family

Initial situation:

The negative economic and social implications of the CORONA crisis prompt an exposed and very wealthy entrepreneurial family to confront and grapple with the subject of “personal security” in a substantiated way. Without concrete evidence, the family members perceive their risk situation as complex. They have no experience with personal protection. Current protection measures are limited to using an alarm system in the residence.

Initial threat analysis:

With a secondary focus on the risk landscape of the associated registered business, a family-related risk analysis is carried out. Best practice and recognized standards in risk management formed a frame of reference (ISO 31000, ONR 49000ff). The primary question of the study was divided into two parts:

Are there probable threat elements (persons, groups, organizations), which must be assumed on an abstract level regarding the hypothetical ability, interest and capacity to impair individual family members more than just insignificantly in terms of their physical integrity and affect on free will?

How exposed do persons worthy of protection appear within the defined risk spectrum from the point of view of potential, technically experienced perpetrators (threat criteria: digital visibility and actual availability)?

Derivation of a Security Concept:

Oriented towards individual risk appetite, willingness to invest and privacy demands of the individual clients, a fundamental security concept is developed and rolled out following a ramp-up phase of 4 weeks. The protection program combines personal, technical, organizational and educational measures. Supporting pillars include an event related separate security escort, mobile alerting devices, educational security activities/measures in the living, leisure and work or school environment of individual family members, structural and technical protective measures at the residential building as well as awareness-raising discussions and risk awareness training. In the interest of effective risk and success management, the security concept is integrated into an overriding risk and crisis management platform.