Sport Security Consulting (2016)Risk Analysis and Security Concept for a German National Footballer

Initial situation:

After the terror attack on the Stade de France in Paris (Paris II) on November 13, 2015 and the cancellation of the international football match in Hannover only a few days later, not only the perception of stadium security in general, but also the sense of threat that some national players felt changed significantly. As a direct consequence of the aforementioned events, a holistic threat analysis was commissioned, which set out to highlight not only Islamist terrorism but also other areas of risk.


Using scientific methodology, all relevant objective criteria and subjective assessments of the specific risk situation were compiled and evaluated. The investigation was based i.a. on a threat and risk analysis related to conventional and social media, insights from personally conducted interviews, situation assessments of national and international security authorities, crime statistics and case analysis as well as security assessments carried out directly at the association and club level.


The security arrangements of the clubs and associations, adapted in the light of the new threat situation, already provided good basic protection in terms of the direct and wider aspects of operations. We identified significant optimization needs, though, in the private spheres of the players themselves, particularly with regard to the risk of abduction, stalking, burglary and personal robbery. Taking this into account, we proposed a security concept including not only incident-related escort protection, reconnaissance measures in the living environment and structural-technical security measures, but also behavioral optimization, higher-level risk monitoring and crisis organization geared specifically to personal protection.