Corporate Security as a Profit MakerCorporates

At the end of the day, having a security platform that can do ‘more than just security’ is a benefit to the entire organization.
(Erik M. Hart, CISO at Zebra Technologies, 2018)

Crucial changes to the corporate risk landscape have led to a positive change of image and a new perception of “security” as a managerial task and steering instrument for the effective protection of organizations, corporate governance and positive business development. Without a functioning security organization, today’s market leader can be tomorrow’s loser. One must know the statutory obligations and recognized reference standards in order to take the correct steps in the process of professionalization and to be able to prepare the necessary documents demonstrating that all legal requirements have been met.


  • Management & Supervisory Boards

    Requirements for managing directors and board members - including supervisory and advisory boards, are growing enormously. Legal provision for risk cannot be the only response to pressure for professionalization. To be sure of success in the long run, “security” as an elementary design and enabling factor for corporate governance, image and economic performance, cannot be ignored.

    When the required competencies are not available “in-house”, external and independent consulting is required. We provide answers to relevant strategic questions at the organizations level, as well as solutions and support in order to establish security risk management and corporate security as a key function.

  • Corporate Security

    Corporate security is experiencing a paradigm shift. The Security Manager has been promoted from “preventer” to “business enabler” and with increasing importance is being listened to at the highest corporate level.

    This has created new thematic and communicative challenges. The demand for consultation is increasing. Against this background we see ourselves as a strategic partner in the creation of modern corporate security environments – equipped with powerful interface competencies, professional and technical expertise and a thorough understanding of business processes.

  • HR

    Our consulting experience shows that from a security point of view, two new strategic fields of action are crystallizing for HR-Managers: personnel risk and threat management - and rightly so. In order to take state of the art precautions, attention does not only need to be paid to adequate prevention and reaction concepts in relation to workplace violence, but to the full life-cycle of personnel recruitment controls, personal development and the exit process. can offer valuable support from a security point of view for both fields of risk. From thorough pre-employment checks including education verification to investigations within the context of white-collar crime or workforce violence and investigative-psychological threat assessment including tailored de-escalation and protection concepts.

  • Compliance & Internal Audit

    It is undisputed that in the light of the principles of good governance (GoF) the internal audit and compliance departments must interlock their management processes. This is clearly documented in the results of our own scientific studies, in which we interviewed large and medium-sized organizations on this aspect.

    However, there is some dispute amongst experts as to what support “security” can contribute in this context. We are convinced that the greatest potentials for cooperation arise during the conception and performance of internal investigations. On the basis of forensic professional experience, we can provide support during all relevant phases, including during the parallel state criminal prosecution measures initiated by you or your associates.