Holistic Case Management (2015)Workplace Violence

Initial situation:

In a southern German electronics company, an employee and his family are confronted by a colleague with verbal and written death threats. An initial psychological assessment by the PROTEUS forensic team, based on answering machine notes, selected WhatsApp protocols, and initial biographical and clinical information, indicates a significant threat and recurrence risk. The offender is professionally and socially isolated, is presumably under the influence of anti-depressants and is known to be a violent offender and drug user.


After a well-founded psychiatric-pharmacological assessment carried out through the use of third party medical history, the perpetrator is localized and identified by means of observation by privately contracted personnel. The responsible police station then directly confronts the perpetrator within its jurisdiction. In consultation with the company doctor, an application for compulsory admission is made to the relevant health authority. The concerned family receives psychological support and extended personal protection, complemented by a project-related 24/7 First-Call-Help-Hotline and mobile GSM / GPS-based emergency alarms.  In parallel, the individual posing the potential threat is put under permanent observation.


The direct communication carried out by the police with the perpetrator proves to be partially ineffective. Although there is no further personal contact, there are further telephone conversations including unambiguous content. Nevertheless, the application for compulsory admission is rejected by the health authorities in accordance with the Bavarian Hospitalization Act. In cooperation with the Group legal department, a protective order is obtained by the district court (restraining order) on the basis of the Violence Protection Act. Security measures to protect the family are maintained for a transitional period of one week. There are no further attacks in the aftermath.

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