Protecting Your BusinessBusiness Protection

In order to make an effective contribution to greater business protection in Germany, the cooperation of governmental and non-governmental agencies is indispensable.
(Dr. Hans-Georg Maaßen, former BfV president)

Within the framework of the “business protection initiative” a variety of stakeholders from the government and business sectors are working on a guideline benchmark for establishing and aligning corporate security organizations.

The exemplary but overdue idea of “basic concept company security” consisting of obligatory and optional components, which can constantly be further developed, does not only reflect our consulting model but also our service portfolio.

Corporate Security Components

  • Executive Board Security

    In the case of managers, aspects of danger often result directly from the fact that they are under close observation, including media observation, due to their position or function. Depending on the sector, company-specific threats should be taken into consideration in the course of a thorough risk evaluation and assessment. These can for instance result from the value or type of produced or transported goods, the significance of privileged information, brand awareness, as well as from the effect and attack value of pictures and symbols.

    It is essential that the corresponding security measures derived are broadly diversified. Technical property protection, security escorts, spatial, route and object reconnaissance, information and communication security as well as mental awareness and behavior optimization are only some of the components a thorough and professional executive protection concept should encompass.

  • Travel & Expat Security

    When dealing with security issues that concern employees who are travelling or permanently located abroad, preventative and proactive strategies should be the focus but reactive aspects should not be neglected. From a business point of view, it is not only legal but also economic, moral and social reasons, which speak for the thorough and systematic implementation of relevant themes.

    Our modular range of services covers all components for business and first class travel & expat security management.

  • Solving and Preventing of White-Collar Crime

    Companies increasingly need to deal with white-collar crime and are demanded by law to take on an active role when it comes to prevention, solving and adequate reactions to criminal offences. The reconciling of company economic and reputational interests with the state's right of prosecution may be difficult.

    In many ways it is recommended to mandate an independent partner with forensic and professional police experience familiar with these typical issues. We support the planning and implementation of individual measures as well as the conception, introduction and optimization of holistic fraud management systems.

  • Personnel Risk Management

    Risk minimization HR processes offer protection from in-house crime and threats potentially damaging the reputation or existence of a company. It is therefore essential that processes and procedures in the field of Human Resources not only need to be developed effectively and efficiently but also designed to be resilient, supported and controlled.

    Based on specific HR knowledge and experience gained from corporate security worlds, we offer unique interface expertise and make an important contribution to the defense against threat and risk in the areas of recruitment, personnel development and staff exiting the company. Our range of solutions stretches from the systematic recognition of forgery in application documents, the establishment of tamper-proof remuneration structures and training concerning risk-behavior to risk assessment and robust escalation management in the case of dismissals.

  • Protection of Business and Trade Secrets

    Specific know-how is and remains the key to success within international competition. At the same time, due to the constant increase in digital interconnectedness, requirements are being imposed on the availability, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of business critical information. Not without reason, new EU guidelines and current German law are demanding proof of a holistic concept for the protection of trade and company secrets, which is to be reviewed and adapted on a regular basis.

    In addition to these legal aspects, it is also necessary that information protection as a central security function takes technical, organizational, personnel and procedural aspects into account. We highlight risk and security management solutions tailored to the core processes of your business, including clear recommendations for the control of investments.

  • Emergency Management
24/7 Emergency Response provides a 24-hour service available to you:

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