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When dealing with the caliber of people from all over the world that attend this Conference, and managing the security details, it takes a special company to maintain the standard of excellence that is expected by the International Monetary Conference. PROTEUS consistently met and even surpassed these expectations.
(Mike D'Orazio, Senior Director, IMC)

The protection of risk-exposed persons comprises a broad spectrum of technical, organizational and personnel possibilities.

The fundamental element of our executive protection concept is a dualistic operational concept originating from government agencies, which also covers emergency medical procedures. Of course, we also take customer requirements and corresponding expectations into consideration. But initially the expert should evaluate the necessity and the appropriate orientation of safeguard measures - not the person in need of protection or the paying customer.

Protection Dimensions

  • Escort and Reconnaissance

    Often personal protection is only associated with a direct escort. But the largest leaver with regard to prevention is applied prior to and within the spatial environment of expected critical events – in the area of so called space, route and object reconnaissance. On the basis of professional situation evaluation and hazard analysis we integrate both protection functions into an effective personal security concept, which according to customer preference, is put into effect as a high or low profile version.

  • Structural-technical Equipment of Vehicles and Buildings

    Major components of personal security are structural-mechanical and electronical security provisions in relation to private or commercial vehicles and buildings, both of which need to be integrated into a holistic executive protection concept. This requires independent market and specialist expertise, as well as sound connections to manufacturers and installation companies.

  • Mobile Emergency Warning Devices

    Our protection programs are complemented by our GPS/GSM based emergency app that corresponds with an emergency button and runs reliably on Apple and Android devices. This enables us to individually forward, georeference and in the course of intervention professionally work through alarms, which are received by a 365/24/7 operation center.

  • Optimization of Security Behavior

    What can you do for your safety yourself? A great deal. Appropriate to the current situation, we offer sensitizing consultation, education and training on the topics of mental awareness, risk-aware behavior as well as certainty in action in extreme situations.

  • Integrity Checks of Individuals in the Immediate Environment

    Discrete background screenings of individuals in the immediate environment can help identify, minimize or exclude relevant personnel risks. It goes without saying that background investigations must meet high ethical and qualitative standards.

  • Protection and Security when Travelling

    Executive protection must include travel security aspects. Our approach is based on country-specific analysis, risk monitoring, tailored preparatory education and training, reconnaissance and security escort measures during the trip, medical care, as well as online tracking, emergency planning and crisis management.

  • Personal Security Specific Crisis Management

    If situations occur that can no longer be overcome by regular corrective and reactive security measures, a special project organization must be set up. Crisis teams should be established in due course, structured accordingly, trained, included in risk and security management and in the event of an emergency, be reinforced by special advisors if necessary. We offer support at all relevant stages.

  • Data Protection and Information Security

    For at risk private persons and families, the well-organized protection of sensitive data becomes more and more important. Anyone who is exposed to the media by virtue of their wealth, social status, professional position or their own communication, will find that inadvertently through behavior they become a public actor, the object of deliberate spying and victim of criminal acts more quickly than they would like. One should be aware of the corresponding threat risks and assess, control and monitor these risks with regard to personal protection perspectives.

  • Digital Personal Protection

    Are secure IT and communication systems used? Is it possible to integrate application software with an emergency call function? How can sensitive data on stationary and mobile devices be protected? Is there an evident “digital footprint” and how can it be managed in terms of awareness of risk? What hypothetical offence-relevant knowledge can be derived from Open Web analytics and Darknet screenings? Similar questions must be faced if digital transformation is to succeed in personal protection.

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