Information as a Factor of Security and Success Information Services

He who always treads only the path of truth never stumbles.
(Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)

Regardless of whether a strategic expansion or personnel decision has to be safeguarded, either an incriminated issue needs to be clarified or orientation within complex legal disputes needs to be achieved - we will help you take an informed position of strength.

Our fact-based intelligence and investigation reports lead to precise and unambiguous recommendations for action. To protect all involved, we attach great importance to the discreet and systematic management of key information throughout the entire acquisition, analysis and evaluation process.

Fields of Activity

  • Threat & Risk Intelligence

    Findings on relevant threats and corresponding risk assessments are the basis for security concepts and higher-level risk management systems. The secret of success lies in the quality and sophistication of the analysis and evaluation. Software-based tools are valuable; ultimately, human intelligence and technical expertise are crucial. Not mere information, but action-leading intelligence beyond high-medium-low or red-yellow-green standards makes all the difference. This applies to the initial threat and hazard analysis as well as to active risk management during the ongoing operations of a security organization.

  • Business Partner Screenings

    Transparent backgrounds provide a solid basis for evaluating potential or current business partners and help identify potential for damage and prevent the loss of assets, know-how or image. From a risk perspective, we provide information on the integrity, reputation, contacts and activities of natural or legal persons - fact-based, structured, relentless.

  • Pre Employment Checks and Extended Aptitude Diagnostics

    If conventional application procedures do not provide enough guidance in the context of the recruitment or replacement of critical target positions, we carry out further legally valid checks, depending on the function and future role of the candidates. Background investigations with differing orientation and intensity can be combined with scientifically validated personality tests in order to measure specific competencies and critical behavioral tendencies. In the end, you make an allround secure personnel decision.

  • M&A Due Diligence

    As the information provided by the target companies in the course of mergers & acquisitions can deviate considerably from the information requirements of the buyer, a proactive and detailed analysis of the potential targets is essential, especially in the case of large and complex transactions. discreetly supports both strategic buyers and financial investors in identifying opportunities, synergies and transaction obstacles, assessing risks and strengthening their own bargaining position.

  • Marine Claims Services

    Extremely costly illegitimate claims resulting from fake cases of damage make it difficult for ship and yacht insurance companies to maintain a customer-oriented and competitive premium structure, thus having a negative impact on financial results. Clerical departments and their internal or external legal advisers often need to rely on professional investigative support to gain clarity about the legitimacy of an underlying claim. is a recognized, successful and international partner of well-known insurance companies operating in this space.

  • Complex Investigations with a Focus on Evidence

    Whether you personally or your organization is in a legal dispute or seeking out-of-court or legal prosecution of legitimate claims, in coordination with your lawyers and their legal strategy, we help you to ensure all issues around relevant evidence are managed appropriately as well as clarifying decision-relevant facts. On the basis of legitimate interests, we exploit the entire international spectrum of investigative opportunities and open up access to new personal and material evidence, which would otherwise be unattainable.

  • Business Forensic Services

    By business forensics we understand the systematic, targeted investigation and court-admissible documentation of economic criminal acts. Despite methodological expertise, experience and legal certainty, such projects can turn into difficult undertakings when corporate interests and state prosecution claims appear to be disparate and difficult to reconcile. Tact, sensitivity, intuition and interface competence then become real success factors.

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