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05.07.2023 ・ Impulses

Behavioral Detection as a Tactical Addition in Personal Protection

Israeli Behavioral Detection Officer Certification

Israeli Behavioral Detection Officer Certification “Behavioral Detection” is a method used to identify individuals with criminal intentions by observing their behaviour and activities.

It was primarily developed for safeguarding “soft targets” and relies on a combination of observation, casual and targeted conversations, and the evaluation of verbal or physiological responses. Behavioural Detection can thus provide valuable assistance in the context of personal protection and be part of a systematic approach to deter or expose violent individuals, and if necessary, isolate and apprehend them.

We have standardized the online course “Israeli Behavioural Detection Officer Certification” offered by Cherries as a training module for personal protection personnel. This is undoubtedly just a first step, but it forms a solid foundation for further education and training on this highly relevant specialized topic. Cherries was founded in 2015 by Aaron Cohen, a recognized expert in counterterrorism and a former CTU operator for special operations, in collaboration with other former members of various Israeli intelligence agencies and special forces units.

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Security guidance represents only a small, visible part of the facets and possibilities in personal protection. But even for the expert, it is not sufficient to know proven preventive and reactive measures.

From scientific risk analysis through conceptual development to successful implementation, strategic and operational consulting skills are also required.

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The demands and expectations for professional personal protection are constantly increasing. We have not only engaged with relevant developments and trends but have also implemented insights from a forward-looking and visionary perspective.

Our approach is based on the idea that genuine security enhancements only occur where scientific analysis, consulting expertise, and practical experiences from various security domains intersect.

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Personal protection inherently requires a client-provider relationship built on trust and openness. Some information asymmetries can be harmful. It is advisable to engage with each other professionally and have a detailed initial conversation.

So, do not hesitate to ask us questions and inquire thoroughly. If time allows, compare and also listen to your inner voice. In the end, it may save a life.

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