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Personal security goes far beyond what is often depicted as “body-guarding” in films.

Film Protection 3D

Analysis | Conceptualization | Implementation

Three Dimensions – One Goal

While practice is essential, best practice is even better.

In the realm of personal security, the image projected and the professional reality, are often in stark contrast. This discrepancy is partly due to the stereotypes and distorted role models presented in movies and television.

Security escorting represents just one visible facet of the many possibilities. Even for experts, it’s insufficient to only understand established preventive and reactive measures.

From scientific risk analysis through concept development to successful implementation, strategic and operational consulting skills are also required.

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Analysis and consulting

Scientific Methodology and Consultant Excellence

Effective personal protection requires a wide range of preventive and corrective measures. To find the right mix, relevant experience, modern analysis tools, and best practice skills are indispensable.

Ultimately, a security expert should be able to make connections understandable and comprehensible to their clients.

In this way, a consulting mindset becomes a critical factor for success.

Visibility in both social and conventional media can pose a significant threat. The primary goal of our visibility analyses, is to research sensitive information, and provide a brief interpretation of their risk implications.

Key assessment criteria include the difficulty of acquiring this information and the usability of personal data from the perspective of a hypothetical perpetrator or disruptor.

Typically, our analysis also includes the question of whether special criminogenic incentives can be assumed due to the attribution of individual assets, a traceable position and function within a company, or direct connections to political hot topics.

Investments in the protection of life and limb should not be based solely on gut feelings.

We determine the actual security requirements from a best-practice perspective based on a profound threat assessment and risk analysis, methodically conducted using recognized standards, frameworks, and risk management norms.

We use various tools and data sources, including open-source intelligence models, software-based instruments for visualizing Google and Twitter searches, social media monitoring tools, crime statistics, phenomenological studies of criminal behaviour, as well as security agency assessments and case analyses.

Protection programs should not be imposed without reflection; instead, they must be closely aligned with the risk situation. Our goal is to present implementable solutions that are well-founded and capable of keeping individual residual risks at an acceptable level.

However, if the objective security requirements do not align with economic considerations, risk tolerance, or the privacy demands of clients, there is a need for alignment.

In the end, a should concept should be adopted, one that both parties support. Only then can sustainable implementation be achieved.


In a dynamic environment, personal security concepts must be continuously evaluated for their relevance and effectiveness.

Risks can change in nature and scope, or existing protective measures may become ineffective.

Success in controlling, adapting, and ensuring personal security relies on established structures and processes capable of detecting these changes.

Relying solely on software-based risk monitoring and automated analysis methods falls short. In the end, it is human intelligence and a security mindset that make the difference. Instant risk assessment at the push of a button remains an illusion, unfortunately

Before implementing a personal security concept, it is essential to conduct an inventory and assessment of existing security measures. A detailed evaluation based on recognized norms, standards, and best practices reveals the need for actions or adjustments.

Even after implementation, it is crucial to regularly review the initiated protective measures for quality assurance. An audit should cover architectural, technical, organizational, and personnel aspects. It’s also important to consider whether the original security recommendations are understood and effectively practiced by all parties involved.

Investigative psychology and forensics play a vital role in assessing the threat potential of an individual.

This becomes relevant when dealing with anonymous threat letters or situations where identifying the unknown author is crucial.

Even in cases where the identity of potential or actual perpetrators is known, our scientific expertise helps predict self-harm or harm to others. These assessments provide valuable guidance for selecting appropriate protective measures and enhance cooperation with authorities and the legal system in risk prevention.

Personal security is challenging to quantify objectively. The absence of harmful events should not be the sole criterion. Industry associations, government, and relevant authorities have failed to establish a recognized professional profile. The demand side of this specific market is characterized by uncertainty.

Those seeking to analyze and optimize their personal security organization or simply determine the professionalism of their current security partner require competent consultants.

With a consulting mindset and over 30 years of relevant experience in the public and private security sectors, we can provide guidance to Family Security Offices, companies, and other organizations.

Scope of Services


Preventing is better than reacting.

While not diminishing the importance of personal security, protective details primarily focus on detecting, preventing, or mitigating imminent threats.

A variety of interrelated measures can be implemented well in advance or independently of security details.

These measures can significantly “get ahead of the curve” and provide essential preventive value.

In cases of significant threat to life, personal safety becomes paramount. Police regulations prescribe the continuous, armed use of official security forces in such situations. However, even at lower threat levels, security escort can be the preferred option.

Tactical arguments favour implementing such measures not only visibly in high-profile scenarios but also discreetly in low-profile situations.

Executive protection is our core competence, backed by extensive international experience in security escort, including situations involving both governmental and private responsibilities.

The dualistic approach of conducting covert surveillance and reconnaissance alongside direct personal protection is not new. It traces its roots in Germany to the traditional police search concept K 106 (1986).

We see this method as not only a tactically sensible complement to security escort but also a measure that can provide significant standalone benefits.

The preventive role of “scouts” who constantly monitor the surroundings of protected individuals can easily be expanded to include alarm response, reactive threat mitigation, and emergency medical first response.

A strategic lever in personal security is optimizing behaviour. Protected individuals can significantly contribute to their own safety. Prudent use of the Internet and social media is one aspect that is gaining importance.

Between extreme paranoia and complete carelessness lies a wide spectrum of possibilities.

We offer formats that sensitize, educate, and train individuals at risk, their family members, close associates, or other trusted persons. Our goal is to impart mental awareness, preventive behaviour, and crisis response skills.

From the perspective of malicious actors, information about addresses, vehicle information, and personal details of targets can provide opportunities. Few are aware that address lookup services quickly and inexpensively provide home addresses online. Additionally, organized criminal networks often maintain informal contacts with law enforcement agencies to access such information illegally.

Information and communication restrictions under §51 of the Federal Registration Act or §41 of the Road Traffic Act limit these possibilities. Although there is a trend towards more restrictive approvals, every effort should be made to protect sensitive data in this way. It’s worth noting that restrictions can also be established for protected individuals and their security service vehicles when a specific, mission-related threat is proven.

Proteus.one can assist in finding the right contacts and submitting substantiated applications.

Physical security solutions, hardened server systems, and experienced security escorts are of little use if individuals within the “inner circle” cannot be trusted. While intuition and discernment can help distinguish “friend” from “foe,”

Conducting discreet background checks on individuals in the protected person’s environment is recommended to identify, mitigate, or eliminate relevant risks. There is no need to be hesitant; legitimate investigations are entirely ethical

We conduct pre-employment checks, business partner screenings, and other preventive integrity checks that adhere to high ethical and qualitative standards.

Behavioural Detection is a recognized method for identifying and interpreting suspicious behaviour to uncover hostile intentions and prevent acts of violence. This is particularly relevant in the context of events attended by individuals who require special protection.

Systematic monitoring of entrances and gathering areas using Behavioural Detection can provide valuable insights for assessing threats and forming the basis for further security measures.

Some of our personnel are trained in Behavioural Detection and certified as Israeli Behavioural Detection Officers for safeguarding “soft targets”.

Service Overview

It’s better to be prepared

One Always Needs an answer to the Question: what happens when it happens?

Attacks or emergencies can occur at any time and unexpectedly. The key is to have a security partner who is nearby and capable of responding adequately.

How to tactically respond to an aggressor? Is emergency medical care ensured? What notification chains and escalations does the alarm plan outline? How does the case management of a kidnapping unfold?

Thorough preparation is essential to precisely provide what is necessary and appropriate to maintain control and avert harm in exceptional situations.

We view 24/7 availability as a matter of course, not a sign of inadequacy in management.

Through our leadership’s on-call services, we establish personal accessibility and rapid, effective responsiveness.

It is our commitment to evaluate significant events at the executive level at any time and provide qualified immediate consultation and support

If necessary, we can deploy security managers and/or personal security specialists to the scene within the first 24-48 hours following a security-related incident, even in international contexts


Outside of protected environments, individuals at risk are vulnerable. Mobile emergency reporting systems, allowing for discreet threat alarms, can close security gaps.

The immediate transmission of location data to a 24/7 operation centre and notification of the security team enables prompt, qualified assistance.

After extensive experimentation with standalone digital devices that did not meet our satisfaction, we developed our own app, coupled with a low-energy Bluetooth button that has undergone worldwide testing.

In medical emergencies, this tool also allows direct communication with a doctor, obtaining therapy or hospital recommendations, notifying nearby emergency services, and potentially coordinating steps for international repatriation.

The effectiveness of security personnel deployed in protective details is a critical success factor for personal security concepts.

Alarm reporting systems must be robustly functional and integrated into the security management system. Existing emergency plans should be regularly tested when well internalized. The equipment, training level, and qualifications of response personnel must meet high standards, including considerations for emergency medicine, hazard mitigation, and self-protection.

Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the personal security personnel are accommodated and located in close proximity so that short response times can be achieved, even during the night.


Emergency medicine is an essential component of modern personal protection, and rightfully so.

However, preclinical intervention is often not required to mitigate physical harm resulting from specific attacks. More likely scenarios involve accidents or general medical emergencies unrelated to the primary protection mission. In case of a genuine emergency, having paramedics nearby provides significant benefits. It is especially advisable for individuals with fragile health to take precautionary measures.

As a general practice, we deploy staff capable of delivering qualified initial medical care and complement our strategies with the Proteus.one smartphone emergency app.

There are numerous cases where conventional international repatriation is not feasible. Often, illnesses or injuries do not permit transportation by land or travel on a commercial airline.

Extraordinary events such as wars, natural disasters, and other major incidents can also render time-critical repatriations via regular means impractical.

We consider managing such complex situations as part of our duty to protect, even if we have not accompanied the journey to the location of the incident.

Clients benefit from our close strategic partnership with an international medical assistance service provider, who not only assumes medical responsibility during an evacuation or repatriation but also ensures seamless logistics and collaboration with all relevant stakeholders alongside us.

The primary goal is always to prevent the worst-case scenario. However, a security plan must also address how to react in exceptional situations.

This includes structured and coordinated responses to alarms (such as break-ins, robberies, or medical emergencies) as well as handling crisis events such as kidnappings and extortion.

In any case, processes, roles, and responsibilities for every possible situation must be precisely described and conceptually considered.

Regular scenario-based tests, exercises, and lessons learned from relevant evaluations are mandatory.

Objective and subjective security

Protect what matters most

Personal protection – a complex matter but also a feeling

Balancing both professional and emotional demands, we provide risk-exposed individuals from business, society, and sports with exactly what they truly need:

Individual protection, security, and peace of mind for themselves and their closest family members.

Corporate Private Sports

Closing the security gap

Proteus.one-smartphone app

Exclusive for customers

What to do when faced with threats outside your own four walls or your office?

Alert your personal security personnel discreetly, reliably, and redundantly with the help of an emergency button connected to your smartphone.

With a simple press of the button, a continuously manned control centre is alerted. The automatic transmission of your location data significantly reduces response time.

Are you in a medical emergency? The app also offers you the option to speak directly with a doctor. If required, nearby rescue personnel will be activated, wherever you may be.

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Personal protection inherently requires a client-provider relationship built on trust and openness. Some information asymmetries can be harmful. It is advisable to engage with each other professionally and have a detailed initial conversation.

So, do not hesitate to ask us questions and inquire thoroughly. If time allows, compare and also listen to your inner voice. In the end, it may save a life.

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