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The crises of our time compel politically, economically, or socially exposed individuals to take a nuanced look at reality, investment, behaviour, and life planning – but also at risks.

There is no standard product for “personal protection”.

In addition to professional aspects, it is important to note that there must also be a personal and emotional “fit” between the service provider and the client. Our commitment to meeting clients where they truly are shapes our thinking and actions.

Because only then will personal security succeed in the long term.

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When there is a constant threat of physical harm, close protection is essential. Even close security detail can be presented in a way that is not immediately recognizable to the public. This includes the fact that the personal protectors do not visually conform to the bodyguard stereotype. It can even offer tactical advantages if a potential attacker does not recognize their “target”.

Discreet personal protection is the preferred method when justifying some distance between the protected person and the security detail due to a relatively lower level of Risk.

It is more common than one might think that some form of security detail is strongly recommended from a professional standpoint but categorically rejected by those in need. In such cases, we often recommend a so-called space, route, and object reconnaissance concept within the living and working environment of vulnerable individuals, which can be combined with 24/7 intervention readiness. Such an approach, with its preventive and reactive focus, provides a certain baseline protection and meets high privacy demands.

If there is no clear threat situation, we initially conduct a comprehensive risk analysis.

Methodically, we first identify potential threat elements, including individuals or groups that not only have the hypothetical ability but also the intention to harm you. We also consider the risk aspect of “non-personalized crime.” We examine the purely statistical probability of you becoming a victim of a crime. For example, it may be possible for you to be at risk of burglaries or robberies in your neighbourhood regardless of your name, position, or professional role. This must be taken into account from a personal protection perspective.

In a second step, we assess the extent to which you or your family members are “visible” to malicious actors and whether they could actually be reached. In this context, our main focus revolves around exploring which personal information (such as financial status, home and work addresses, club affiliations, photos, and activity patterns) can be discovered on the internet. We also examine the criminogenic influences that political, economic, or societal controversial topics might exert, particularly those that you, your children, or your spouse, are linked to by name.

A comparison with already implemented security measures provides insights into current vulnerabilities in the security plan and allows conclusions about the likelihood, direction, and scope of future incidents. We base our conceptual recommendations on this risk profile and our best-practice experiences.

Your need for protection does not end at the doorstep. A skilled, well-organized violent offender will first “size up” their designated victim. They will surveil regular movements. And when they have completed their planning and preparation, they will strike outside highly secure and monitored areas. They wait until you or your family members present a better opportunity for attack.

But even if you only consider scenarios such as break-ins or robberies in your home, have you ever wondered which emergency personnel will arrive first at the scene when a burglary or robbery alarm is triggered? In the event of a crisis, the average security company or emergency service operator may not be able to help you professionally and in a timely manner.

Therefore, the integration of alarm systems into a comprehensive personal protection plan with intervention readiness is of utmost importance. Such a plan should be based on a thorough risk analysis and typically consists of a combination of physical, technical, organizational, personnel, and educational measures.

A lot. A strategic lever can be applied through awareness talks, training, and drills. Our primary goal is to increase your risk awareness and situational awareness, in order to optimize preventive behaviour and provide confidence in extreme situations. A practical security handbook for reference provides the opportunity to review or deepen individual topics. Everyone should find the approach that suits them best. .

What we fundamentally caution against is trying to take personal safety into your own hands solely through self-defence techniques or carrying tools of physical violence. Both can have fatal consequences if not practiced intensively for stress resistance and effective application.

Another key factor in personal protection is effective communication between protectees and security personnel. You have the power to not only communicate your needs, expectations, and preferences but also to regularly share private and business appointments, travel plans, or leisure activities. Additionally, share anything that you notice as a deviation from the “baseline.” This can be crucial in protecting life, health, and well-being.

Analysis | Conceptualization | Implementation

Three Dimensions – One Goal

Practice is good – Best Practice is better

Security guidance represents only a small, visible part of the facets and possibilities in personal protection. But even for the expert, it is not sufficient to know proven preventive and reactive measures.

From scientific risk analysis through conceptual development to successful implementation, strategic and operational consulting skills are also required.

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Reference Project: Private

Protection program for an exposed entrepreneur family abroad

Development and implementation of a Family Security concept

A traditional supplier company is sold to an international corporation. The preceding M&A process was the subject of journalistic reporting. Post-merger integration did not yield significant threat risks for executives or owners of the company. The new residence of the owner’s family is located in a foreign capital city.

Given their above-average media exposure and increasing perception of economic and social upheaval, the clients continue to have an elevated security need. Proteus.one is tasked with developing a sustainable Family Security concept and rolling it out in collaboration with a local partner.

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The demands and expectations for professional personal protection are constantly increasing. We have not only engaged with relevant developments and trends but have also implemented insights from a forward-looking and visionary perspective.

Our approach is based on the idea that genuine security enhancements only occur where scientific analysis, consulting expertise, and practical experiences from various security domains intersect.

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Personal protection inherently requires a client-provider relationship built on trust and openness. Some information asymmetries can be harmful. It is advisable to engage with each other professionally and have a detailed initial conversation.

So, do not hesitate to ask us questions and inquire thoroughly. If time allows, compare and also listen to your inner voice. In the end, it may save a life.

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