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15.08.2023 ・ Reference Projects

Protection Program for an Expat Entrepreneurial Family Abroad

Development and Implementation of a Family Security concept


A long-established supplier company is sold to an international corporation, and the preceding M&A process garnered significant media attention. There were no significant threat risks to executives or company owners during the post-merger integration. The new residence of the owner’s family is located in a foreign capital city. They have substantial experience with personal security. A concept for space, route, and object surveillance had been in place for many years at the family head’s residence and that of his wife in Germany. Given their above-average media visibility and growing perception of economic and social disruptions, the clients believe there is an ongoing need for increased security. Proteus.one is requested to develop a sustainable Family Security Concept and roll it out in collaboration with a country partner.


Considering unique legal and regulatory conditions in the target country, obtaining numerous permits is necessary for deploying our own security personnel and assets. An 8-week ramp-up phase must be factored in. Given the high flexibility requirements, we plan for contract cooperation with a foreign network partner. Despite a long-standing and stable client relationship, we place increased emphasis on meeting specific customer expectations and preferences in service customization.

Methodology and Results:

With a secondary focus on the symbolic and public image of the corporate brand and country-specific risks, a family-oriented threat analysis is conducted. Recognized risk management standards provide a theoretical framework. During the investigation, an inventory and vulnerability analysis of structural and technical security features in relevant residential properties are also conducted. The result is an elevated threat level. Risks arising from so-called non-personalized crime in the areas of burglary and robbery are particularly noteworthy because regional crime statistics are highly significant, and criminological studies show that residential burglaries often lead to perpetrator-victim confrontations with critical dynamics. With the owners’ assets and structure being well-publicized, there is also an above-average abstract threat to individual persons, especially grandchildren, in the context of kidnapping and extortion.

From a best-practice perspective, a basic personal security concept is derived, implemented, and staffed.

Key components include:

  • Event-driven, separate security escort.
  • Ongoing Surveillance in the Living, recreational, and work Environments, as well as for Children.
  • Mobile emergency alert devices (smartphone app mit flic Button).
  • 24/7 alarm and Intervention readiness with emergency medical equipment.
  • Mechanical and electronic security measures.
  • Sensitization discussions and risk awareness training.
  • A Basic Crisis plan for exceptional situations.
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Security guidance represents only a small, visible part of the facets and possibilities in personal protection. But even for the expert, it is not sufficient to know proven preventive and reactive measures.

From scientific risk analysis through conceptual development to successful implementation, strategic and operational consulting skills are also required.

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The demands and expectations for professional personal protection are constantly increasing. We have not only engaged with relevant developments and trends but have also implemented insights from a forward-looking and visionary perspective.

Our approach is based on the idea that genuine security enhancements only occur where scientific analysis, consulting expertise, and practical experiences from various security domains intersect.

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