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15.08.2023 ・ Reference Projects

Executive Protection for a Major Sports Event

Security Measures for Players, Teams, Coaches, and Officials of an Internationally Operating Sports League


An American sports league is planning its first major sporting event in Germany in 2022.

Security services for the protection of players, coaches, teams, referees, officials, media representatives, and events are being put out for competitive bidding. Proteus.one had already been recommended and prequalified for all procurement requirements. After submitting and reviewing the proposal, Proteus.one was awarded the contract as the General Security Service Provider.

Following ticket pre-sales, it was expected that there would be immense public interest and high attendance.


Between the award decision and the game day, there were only 14 weeks for complex planning and project management. Professional communication among all relevant security stakeholders had to be conducted across two time zones. Personal meetings were scheduled every four weeks. Given the involvement of numerous police and regulatory authorities, the fire department, airport operators, and transportation companies from the outset in security planning, extensive coordination was required.

The significant need for specially qualified security personnel presented unique challenges in terms of personnel, contingency planning, and accommodation.


Internally, Proteus established a matrix project organization. The role concept included overarching responsibilities for project management, team security, security for other stakeholders, event security, interface organization, as well as administration and organization.

The recruitment of security personnel had to be carried out on a national scale. Due diligence checks were conducted on all vendors based on specific client requirements.

Special attention was given to the security planning of team movements at the airport, their accommodation in hotels, and training activities and bus transfers throughout the Munich area. Virtual meetings were scheduled for regular exchanges with security representatives of the client and participating teams.

The multifaceted collaboration with law enforcement authorities was a prime example of a highly successful informal “Public-Private-Security-Partnership” throughout all relevant project phases.

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